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Lysleather specializes in providing high-class leather goods, we are constantly striving to bring our brand closer, and is the brand that provides the best quality leather products to meet the shopping needs of customers



  • Step 1: Prepare picture to put on the standard size for printing
  • Step 2: Preparation of raw materials: There are many different types of skin that can be used, but the most popular is wax leather. Choosing the right leather material is also the key to creating a unique shape of the keychain, bringing a beauty and durability of the product.

Stainless steel billet
Embryo leather

  • Step 3: Manufacturer leather: For each skilled craftsman, there is a unique way of tanning to remove the imperfections of rough skin such as smell, many impurities, ... and highlight the most outstanding features of each skin type, clear skin, smoother, no more unpleasant smell,..Designers will then cut the leather into different parts to create the product. After the leather has been cut into separate parts, the leather cutter must mark the grafting area for the next production step. Press the button 3/4 position onto leather. Outside of leather engraving DAD/DADDY or whatever customers wish:

Cut the leather
Press 3 on 4 button
Engrave on the outside of the keychain

  • Step 4: Manufacturer inox: As regards to the metal, it will be a printed image that customers request by laser. The back of the metal will be engraved text according to customers' requirements

UV printing
Laser engraving inside the Keychain

  • Step 5: Assembly products: we assemble pieces of cut leather along with buttons and hangers, and close 1/4 button position.

Press last button
Mount piercings


  • Step 1: Check the product’s quality: the operation team will check whether the keychain has been produced according to the customer's requirements or not, whether the product has any errors before sending the product to customers.
  • Step 2: Wrap bubble
  • Step 3: Packing: Products are packed in a cloth bag with the company card.
  • Step 4: Send (shipping method : DHL eCommerce): The delivery time is approximately 10 days from the shipping date (depending on how strict the Customs in your country is).

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